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Suzuki Mega Camp 2014 Gowa: Merdeka Month Suzuki in Sensation

In order to welcome the independence ANNIVERSARY of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA, PT. Indomobil Suzuki Sales (PT. SIS) two-wheeled work closely Harga Honda Scoopy FI Sporty with Suzuki Main Dealer PT. Sinar Galesong Mandiri (PT. SGM) will hold back the huge event entitled Suzuki Mega Camp 2014 in Field Syech Jusuf Gowa, Makassar, South Sulawesi, starting on 30 to August 31, 2014. Diverse programs packed more interesting and full of thrill for visitors such as special discounts, advance lightweight, free check-ups and free oil. This Event will also be dyed a variety of entertainment acts and special services of Suzuki in order to commemorate the month of independence.
Suzuki Mega Camp 2014 Gowa focuses on Suzuki's service-oriented consumer expectation and fulfillment, by giving a sales service motor Suzuki easier and affordable. "Bottom line, this activity is an expression of thanks Suzuki Harga Kawasaki Ninja 250 FI ABS 2014 who remained faithful to the consumer using the Suzuki motorcycle." Harris Said Sulaiman, Marketing Head Pt. Sinar Galesong Independently – Makassar.
In the event that was held a second time, the PT. SGM works closely with a number of agencies leasing to provide special discount up to USD 2,400,000,-to purchase the Suzuki motorcycle. In addition, visitors can also purchase certain types of Suzuki motorcycle with an affordable down payment starting from Rp. 500.000,-. "Kemudahaan that we provide this only exists in the arena Mega Suzuki Camp Gowa. Therefore, we hope the community will not waste this opportunity, "said Harris.

Other interesting special services were presented specially for owners of Suzuki motorcycle service, such as free check-ups and free oil. Discount spare parts are also available for up to 25% per item for consumers who want to rejuvenate the condition of his motorcycle.
This Event will be a variety of exciting entertainment and race, among other things, rocking Oplosan Coloring Contest, Festival of Modern Dance students, Band and Free Style Suzuki. Held also a Safety Test Ride Riding, Suzuki, City Tour, Games, Gymnastics and Aerobics as well as Bazar appearance typical of the Loejoe Band.

For visitors who have the guts to be able to follow the speed you met a Drag Bike Suzuki in the arena that has been prepared. The race is divided into 6 classes, ranging from classes matik, duck standards until Satria FU150 Suzuki class. Visitors who wish to participate simply register directly to the Registration Committee in the House of PT Sinar Galesong Mandiri, Jl. Pettarani AP No. 55, Ekhy, Makassar and Asho 085397611061, 085256177515. Prizes worth millions of dollars has been reserved for the champion.

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