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Local Superhero Garuda, Shared Motor DOHC VMax in the movie

After the birth of a Satria Garuda, Bhima (Bima X now) then followed by the character Garuda Spesifikasi dan Harga Honda CBR 150R Lokal 2014 When Bhima X refers to the Tokusatsu character comes from Japan then Garuda closer to the original character of HollyWood.

Use tight costumes and masks berkelir with the area under the nose and mouth open instantly Harga Honda Revo FI CW 2010 reminiscent of the character of man bat. When Batman BatPod combat vehicles have the Lions also have a vehicle not less powerful.
In common with a sense of nationalism, PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM), supported the movie Superhero Garuda, "said Dyonisius Beti YIMM, Executive Vice President.

Yamaha VMax will be mounts the Garuda. Moge that one has a capacity of largest runway i.e. depot 1.679 4th cc. cylinders, filled with a piston diameter of 90 mm with step of 66 mm. engine type would have been used not with 4 DOHC engine configuration V.

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