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"Family Gathering Of Independence"

The first day of the Committee make 3 kloter: Kloter 1 (one) departs at 11.00 BBWI kloter, 2 (two) depart at 13.00 BBWI kloter, and three (3) leaves at 16.00 BBWI Harga Yamaha Xeon RC di Banjarmasin On the first day of the event in the afternoon Free, from hariadalah swim together, drink coffee, and joked the laughter from among sufficient to melt a mamber. Official events begin at 7 pm after all of the accumulated mamber BBWI with in the open by the Chief executor bro Wendy, greeting from Pembina by Bro Hasan, who introduces the history of the founding of the NVL NVL Indonesia particularly Family Family Jakarta, Indonesia
then continue with the introduction of events from each member and meceritakan how to first get to know the community and Family impressions NVL and his message while at the NVL Family, the next event is the exchange of gifts, gift exchange is well why? Tujuanya is create an exclamation-appeal Harga Yamaha R6 Indonesia 2012 while opening gifts, even though the price of gifts was not more than ten thousand dollars and wrap with paper newspaper said Bro. Wendy as the Committee Chairman, weeknights on ahkiri with dinner together in the courtyard of the villa in suguhi with grilled chicken that is already in the set by the Committee and not far away there is a bonfire to warm up the atmospherelate-night memberpun, after a break, it would be a surprise Member of the NVLF-morning attack of Jakarta families from NVLF-Bekasi came, hehehe ... ...
The second day, the event began at 7: 00 back BBWI i.e. the independence day ceremony in the lead by bro Heri and as a Builder by Bro Hasan. The ceremony is dilaksakan in addition to commemorate the independence day and commemorate the services of the heroes, the coach also asserted the NVLF Jakarta community is one of the pioneers in driving safety by obeying traffic signs and regulations drive with safety riding, not arrogant and inconsiderate not on the highway. After the ceremony the next breakfast event and continue gaming event to finish at 10.30 BBWI mamber and all who follow the show Family Gathering go home at 12 pm

The event was a famgath event that was first funded by the community of the NVLF-Jakarta was only 16 months old, But it's members also invite as well as his family, the goal of this event is to strengthen the brotherhood know each other, the rope between the member and a family member, as well as consider this community is like a family to two for those
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