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IRS 2014 Series 3 Class 150 cc: Rev. Aji Severe Injuries

Aji Wahyu Trilaksono (Indonesia East Java IRC Vardhana JRA Racing Team) could make the IRS class Harga Yamaha Vega Force FI racing sport 150 cc stopped. Because having quite serious injuries. The other drivers were forced to enter the pit and restarting.

"It took me nabrak a Hendriansyah motorcycle rear tire seems to miss when oper teeth Harga Motor Yamaha Vega RR 2013 I dropped my terlindas and foot motor which is behind "the light of revelation Aji.

Right leg broken and Aji Revelation had to undergo intensive treatment at the Medical Center HOSPITAL, Sentul.

Wahyu Aji is one of the few racers who compete in the SOHC motor relies on IRS class sport 150 cc. Motornya itself is the Yamaha New Jupiter MX135LC.
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