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The Workshop's Motor Spirit's Fire

A successful workshop with the tagline often made due to engine psycho modif machine Harga Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200NS FI with an uncommon configuration i.e. Spirit Son Motor suffered a fire strikes.

A fire broke out (26/08) around 20: 00 BBWI and extinguished two hours later after the Fire Departm Harga Motor Yamaha Jupiter Z1 Tahun 2012 ent deployed 3 Purwokerto fire truck fleet.
Supposedly there are approximately 29 motor in the garage were burned. The owner, Joseph Adib Gus with family at the time of Genesis Middle travel outside of the city.

All editors were concerned to present MotMod profusely. Hopefully bro Joseph was given the strength and fortitude on this accident. Aminnn The ...
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