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Motor type matik Honda still lead your market share in West Java

When consumers showed a high and consistent interest against a product (Enduring Involvement) Harga Honda Megapro FI 2012 Second it happened is a form of mutual trust.
Efforts are being made to PT.Length of DAM Jabar as the management and distribution of Astra Honda Motor still showed satisfactory results. Manager Sales Marketing & Adicipta Power PT Mustika Wiriadi Sucipto said the effort we Harga Honda Blade 125 Bekas 2009 maintain market share is always paying attention to line of service ranging from sales, product information and availability of good aftersales, one of them with the achievements of Honda Repsol Team Rider in the MotoGP motorcycle racing event the international scale.
In the first half of PT.DAM noted good sales results in numbers 74.453 thousand units with a total of 65.8% market share and sales from January until July 2014 to achieve 497.637 units, for a type of Jabar Matik's still the backbone of products line up duck cup, and sports. We are optimistic on the closing end of Jabar could penetrate in the numbers 900,000 thousand units, he explained.
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