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Honda Tiger Club Indonesia (HTCI) celebrate 10th anniversary while planting trees

Honda Tiger Club Indonesia (HTCI) celebrated its 10th anniversary on the Court, Shiva Prambanan, Harga Kawasaki Ninja 250 Mono 2014 Yogyakarta (19-20/10/13). The Jamboree was followed as much as 251 Honda Tiger clubs from all over Indonesia.

Community Honda Tiger is the largest community to have the soul of loyalty, solid and respected enough. At the Jamboree is already recorded more than 580 community Honda Tiger by having members of the 10,000 people across Indonesia.
Honda Tiger "community best known for the brotherhood and his loyalties are strong Harga Honda CB150R Malang  We salute and wish this spirit continues to be maintained and disseminated to other communities. We believe this will strengthen the HTCI Jamboree togetherness and their contribution to the community, "said the General Manager of Honda's Customer Care Center Division AHM Istiyani Susriyati.
Of concern in the environment were action HTCI planting as many as 500 trees in the area, Gunung Kidul Wanagama. some clubs are present in this event, among others, came from Sumatra, such as: Lhoksumawe Tiger Bikers Club (LTBC), Kuta Raja Bikers Honda Tiger Club (KHTC), Honda Tiger Field Club (HTCM), high cliff Tiger Club (T2TC), Payakumbuh Honda Tiger Club (PHTC), Tiger Owner Club Pekanbaru (TOCP), Honda Tiger Cub Damai (HTCD)Honda Tiger Club Lampung (HTCL), Tiger Owner Baturaja (TOB), and others.
From Java, Bali, West Nusa Tenggara and East, some clubs & Honda Tiger was also present in this event, such as: Tiger Club (TITAC) Tangerang, Jakarta Tiger Club (JTC), Singapore Independent Club (JIC), Tiger Association Bandung Bonding (TAB), Cirebon (ITC) of the Tiger, Tiger Club Sukabumi (STC), the Motor Bonding Tiger Yogyakarta (IMTY), Solo Tiger Club (SOTIC), Temanggung Tiger Community (TETICO), Tiger Motor Club of Surabaya (TMC)Banyuwangi, Tiger Rders (BTR), Bali Tiger Club (BTC), Lombok Tiger Club (LOTIC), East Nusa Tenggara, Tiger (NT3C), and others.
Plaques, Honda Tiger lovers from other islands, such as Borneo, Sulawesi, and Papua are also major activities enliven this join. These clubs include: Tiger Motor Bonds Balikpapan (IMTB), S @ ngata Tiger Club (S @ TIC), Tiger Club (TCS) Samarinda, Kutai Tiger Club (KLY in DIAMETER), Banjarmasin Tiger Club (BTRC), Palangkaraya Plus (Plus P200), Pontianak Tiger Club (PTC), Terminalia Catappa, Tiger Club (KLY in DIAMETER), Honda Tiger Club Sintang (HTCS), Singkawang Tiger Club (STC), Tiger's Pinelands Club (MTC), the Tiger Riders Community Kendari (TRC), Bulukumba Tiger Club (BTC), Ambon Manise Tiger Club (AMTIC)Timika, Tiger Club (TITIC), Jayapura Tiger Motor Club (JTMC), and others.
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