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Suzuki Nex translucent 18.8 miles just spent 529 ml of gasoline

Skutik Motor continues to be the choice of Indonesia for the society and the public means of transportation also need transport that save fuel. PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales wil Harga Motor Yamaha Jupiter MX Tahun 2014 West Java, bandung, invites the media crews to prove directly the hallmarks of Suzuki in the Nex iritnya consume fuel in the town of Purwakarta.

Suzuki a CVT transmission Chelsea Nex-tech Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) to set the appropriate ignition gas position of the round and features a Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Harga Yamaha R25 di Semarang in order to reduce barriers and mechanical friction in the combustion chamber. The machine has a capacity of 113 cc is claimed capable of achieving maximum power 9.4 ps/8,800 rpm and maximum torque reached 8.7 Nm/6500 rpm.
We now try your ability of keiritan Suzuki Nex within 30 MILES around city of Purwakarta. Previous Nex emptied gas tank and new content in gasoline 1 liter at a time when travel mememulai in a distance of 30 km. gas tank also sealed by the Suzuki to avoid cheating for test keiritan and to feel directly the truth keiritan of Suzuki Nex
In this capacity we use test Suzuki Nex year long output alias is not a new motor, on the way we not only test the hallmarks of performance engine fuel-efficient. But we are also testing capabilities in comfort while driving the motor this skutik, incidentally during the trip we found its way are broken and when passing through the road that we feel the comfort of this skutik motor.

We drive a Suzuki motorcycle next to penetrate the mileage 18.8 miles and spend my gasoline just 529 ml FUEL with an average maximum speed of 40 km/h. These results prove that motor from Suzuki skutik this did save money in his class and we give it a thumbs up, waved to the toughness and comfort from Suzuki Next.
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