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September 11 2014


Suzuki Nex translucent 18.8 miles just spent 529 ml of gasoline

Skutik Motor continues to be the choice of Indonesia for the society and the public means of transportation also need transport that save fuel. PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales wil Harga Motor Yamaha Jupiter MX Tahun 2014 West Java, bandung, invites the media crews to prove directly the hallmarks of Suzuki in the Nex iritnya consume fuel in the town of Purwakarta.

Suzuki a CVT transmission Chelsea Nex-tech Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) to set the appropriate ignition gas position of the round and features a Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Harga Yamaha R25 di Semarang in order to reduce barriers and mechanical friction in the combustion chamber. The machine has a capacity of 113 cc is claimed capable of achieving maximum power 9.4 ps/8,800 rpm and maximum torque reached 8.7 Nm/6500 rpm.
We now try your ability of keiritan Suzuki Nex within 30 MILES around city of Purwakarta. Previous Nex emptied gas tank and new content in gasoline 1 liter at a time when travel mememulai in a distance of 30 km. gas tank also sealed by the Suzuki to avoid cheating for test keiritan and to feel directly the truth keiritan of Suzuki Nex
In this capacity we use test Suzuki Nex year long output alias is not a new motor, on the way we not only test the hallmarks of performance engine fuel-efficient. But we are also testing capabilities in comfort while driving the motor this skutik, incidentally during the trip we found its way are broken and when passing through the road that we feel the comfort of this skutik motor.

We drive a Suzuki motorcycle next to penetrate the mileage 18.8 miles and spend my gasoline just 529 ml FUEL with an average maximum speed of 40 km/h. These results prove that motor from Suzuki skutik this did save money in his class and we give it a thumbs up, waved to the toughness and comfort from Suzuki Next.
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Honda Tiger Club Indonesia (HTCI) celebrate 10th anniversary while planting trees

Honda Tiger Club Indonesia (HTCI) celebrated its 10th anniversary on the Court, Shiva Prambanan, Harga Kawasaki Ninja 250 Mono 2014 Yogyakarta (19-20/10/13). The Jamboree was followed as much as 251 Honda Tiger clubs from all over Indonesia.

Community Honda Tiger is the largest community to have the soul of loyalty, solid and respected enough. At the Jamboree is already recorded more than 580 community Honda Tiger by having members of the 10,000 people across Indonesia.
Honda Tiger "community best known for the brotherhood and his loyalties are strong Harga Honda CB150R Malang  We salute and wish this spirit continues to be maintained and disseminated to other communities. We believe this will strengthen the HTCI Jamboree togetherness and their contribution to the community, "said the General Manager of Honda's Customer Care Center Division AHM Istiyani Susriyati.
Of concern in the environment were action HTCI planting as many as 500 trees in the area, Gunung Kidul Wanagama. some clubs are present in this event, among others, came from Sumatra, such as: Lhoksumawe Tiger Bikers Club (LTBC), Kuta Raja Bikers Honda Tiger Club (KHTC), Honda Tiger Field Club (HTCM), high cliff Tiger Club (T2TC), Payakumbuh Honda Tiger Club (PHTC), Tiger Owner Club Pekanbaru (TOCP), Honda Tiger Cub Damai (HTCD)Honda Tiger Club Lampung (HTCL), Tiger Owner Baturaja (TOB), and others.
From Java, Bali, West Nusa Tenggara and East, some clubs & Honda Tiger was also present in this event, such as: Tiger Club (TITAC) Tangerang, Jakarta Tiger Club (JTC), Singapore Independent Club (JIC), Tiger Association Bandung Bonding (TAB), Cirebon (ITC) of the Tiger, Tiger Club Sukabumi (STC), the Motor Bonding Tiger Yogyakarta (IMTY), Solo Tiger Club (SOTIC), Temanggung Tiger Community (TETICO), Tiger Motor Club of Surabaya (TMC)Banyuwangi, Tiger Rders (BTR), Bali Tiger Club (BTC), Lombok Tiger Club (LOTIC), East Nusa Tenggara, Tiger (NT3C), and others.
Plaques, Honda Tiger lovers from other islands, such as Borneo, Sulawesi, and Papua are also major activities enliven this join. These clubs include: Tiger Motor Bonds Balikpapan (IMTB), S @ ngata Tiger Club (S @ TIC), Tiger Club (TCS) Samarinda, Kutai Tiger Club (KLY in DIAMETER), Banjarmasin Tiger Club (BTRC), Palangkaraya Plus (Plus P200), Pontianak Tiger Club (PTC), Terminalia Catappa, Tiger Club (KLY in DIAMETER), Honda Tiger Club Sintang (HTCS), Singkawang Tiger Club (STC), Tiger's Pinelands Club (MTC), the Tiger Riders Community Kendari (TRC), Bulukumba Tiger Club (BTC), Ambon Manise Tiger Club (AMTIC)Timika, Tiger Club (TITIC), Jayapura Tiger Motor Club (JTMC), and others.
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September 10 2014


Triumph prepare 12 model to be launched end of year

Triumph motorcycles are still not familiar with his name in the land of water, but some people or motor Harga Honda Spacy 2011 Bekas lovers gede (Moge) is certainly no stranger to this brand of motor one originating from the United Kingdom. Triumph itself produced since 1902 until now, in this year be special for Triumph Motorcycles Indonesia (TMI) will introduce its newest model 12 together on september 17, 2014 in Jakarta.
Motor premium British this will be for sale range in price at Rp 305 million until the Rp 500 million off the road. Previous Triumph was sold through General importers, but this year the PT Triumph Motorcycles Indonesia in cooperation with Harga Yamaha New Vixion Fairing  PT Integrated Motor Outlet are building exclusive dealership with 3S the Kemang, South Jakarta. And the dealer is claimed as the first Triumph in 3S Indonesia and largest.
"Triumph in Indonesia will be present with a commitment to provide the best experience for the rider Triumph in the country. We will also present the Chief Mechanic of the United Kingdom, for the totality of the wearer Triumph "said Paul General Manager Triumph Motorcycles Indonesia.

Paul adds, "we will ensure the availability of spare parts at the dealership that will work together by us and consumers can also order spare parts or check out ketersediannya through online by visiting our official website is connected directly from the United Kingdom.

Motor type matik Honda still lead your market share in West Java

When consumers showed a high and consistent interest against a product (Enduring Involvement) Harga Honda Megapro FI 2012 Second it happened is a form of mutual trust.
Efforts are being made to PT.Length of DAM Jabar as the management and distribution of Astra Honda Motor still showed satisfactory results. Manager Sales Marketing & Adicipta Power PT Mustika Wiriadi Sucipto said the effort we Harga Honda Blade 125 Bekas 2009 maintain market share is always paying attention to line of service ranging from sales, product information and availability of good aftersales, one of them with the achievements of Honda Repsol Team Rider in the MotoGP motorcycle racing event the international scale.
In the first half of PT.DAM noted good sales results in numbers 74.453 thousand units with a total of 65.8% market share and sales from January until July 2014 to achieve 497.637 units, for a type of Jabar Matik's still the backbone of products line up duck cup, and sports. We are optimistic on the closing end of Jabar could penetrate in the numbers 900,000 thousand units, he explained.
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August 29 2014


"Family Gathering Of Independence"

The first day of the Committee make 3 kloter: Kloter 1 (one) departs at 11.00 BBWI kloter, 2 (two) depart at 13.00 BBWI kloter, and three (3) leaves at 16.00 BBWI Harga Yamaha Xeon RC di Banjarmasin On the first day of the event in the afternoon Free, from hariadalah swim together, drink coffee, and joked the laughter from among sufficient to melt a mamber. Official events begin at 7 pm after all of the accumulated mamber BBWI with in the open by the Chief executor bro Wendy, greeting from Pembina by Bro Hasan, who introduces the history of the founding of the NVL NVL Indonesia particularly Family Family Jakarta, Indonesia
then continue with the introduction of events from each member and meceritakan how to first get to know the community and Family impressions NVL and his message while at the NVL Family, the next event is the exchange of gifts, gift exchange is well why? Tujuanya is create an exclamation-appeal Harga Yamaha R6 Indonesia 2012 while opening gifts, even though the price of gifts was not more than ten thousand dollars and wrap with paper newspaper said Bro. Wendy as the Committee Chairman, weeknights on ahkiri with dinner together in the courtyard of the villa in suguhi with grilled chicken that is already in the set by the Committee and not far away there is a bonfire to warm up the atmospherelate-night memberpun, after a break, it would be a surprise Member of the NVLF-morning attack of Jakarta families from NVLF-Bekasi came, hehehe ... ...
The second day, the event began at 7: 00 back BBWI i.e. the independence day ceremony in the lead by bro Heri and as a Builder by Bro Hasan. The ceremony is dilaksakan in addition to commemorate the independence day and commemorate the services of the heroes, the coach also asserted the NVLF Jakarta community is one of the pioneers in driving safety by obeying traffic signs and regulations drive with safety riding, not arrogant and inconsiderate not on the highway. After the ceremony the next breakfast event and continue gaming event to finish at 10.30 BBWI mamber and all who follow the show Family Gathering go home at 12 pm

The event was a famgath event that was first funded by the community of the NVLF-Jakarta was only 16 months old, But it's members also invite as well as his family, the goal of this event is to strengthen the brotherhood know each other, the rope between the member and a family member, as well as consider this community is like a family to two for those
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Local Superhero Garuda, Shared Motor DOHC VMax in the movie

After the birth of a Satria Garuda, Bhima (Bima X now) then followed by the character Garuda Spesifikasi dan Harga Honda CBR 150R Lokal 2014 When Bhima X refers to the Tokusatsu character comes from Japan then Garuda closer to the original character of HollyWood.

Use tight costumes and masks berkelir with the area under the nose and mouth open instantly Harga Honda Revo FI CW 2010 reminiscent of the character of man bat. When Batman BatPod combat vehicles have the Lions also have a vehicle not less powerful.
In common with a sense of nationalism, PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM), supported the movie Superhero Garuda, "said Dyonisius Beti YIMM, Executive Vice President.

Yamaha VMax will be mounts the Garuda. Moge that one has a capacity of largest runway i.e. depot 1.679 4th cc. cylinders, filled with a piston diameter of 90 mm with step of 66 mm. engine type would have been used not with 4 DOHC engine configuration V.

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